Name: Anthony Howell
Class: Human
Function: Messenger
Significance: Small
Notes: Created September 9th 1988.
Relatively simple human with an affinity for 
music hailing from Evanston, Illinois.
Son of Thomas and Nisanne Howell;
Two Juilliard School Graduates and 
Chicago Symphony Orchestra musicians.
Also great parents.

Name: The HIVE
Class: Core Database
Function: Stores the accumulation of all knowledge.
Significance: Vital
Size: 1 terabyte
Notes: Currently stored in the cloud.
Segmented chronological hierarchies that store searchable 
and downloadable information.
Future: Will be moved to a local server and then encrypted 
and backed up on a monthly basis.

Name: Honey Pot
Class: Mobile Database
Function: Stores the current usable 
knowledge (the pot) and music (honey)
Significance: High
Size: 80 gigabytes
Notes: Currently an ExFat formatted Samsung T5 drive
used on both windows and apple devices.

Name: Stingray .8 (beta)
Class: Operating System
Function: System interface for the creation of honey.
Notes: This is simply the operating system used 
by the messenger to make music. The containers within this environment
are incomplete (hence beta) so more information cannot be provided at this time.


Music Database Organization Template and Structure Analysis

Ultimately there are two types of reference data for most DAWS: 

Rigid and Free. 


I define rigid data as data that does not have write permissions and for
the most part remains unchanged during system progress. You can compare this
data to Kontakt Libraries, you may load up a string patch from the core library
but for the most part these large file size instrument references remain unchanged.


Good ole’ FREEDOM. This type of data comes in many classes but let me showcase
the highest class. The most free data is data that not only has write permissions but can
also be modified through the DAW itself. You can think of this every time you group an
instrument/effect rack and save it in Ableton’s user library. This encapsulates the
free principle to the highest extent because the newly written data is a unit in itself;
completely independent from the prior indexed information. Assuming you began with a preset,
saving a Sylenth instrument chain into Ableton’s user library will create a new reference
directory so the old one is no longer essential for this specific use case. You can think of this as
re-written data that can be changed from within the DAW. Truly the most free kind of data there is. 

There are many tiers of free data however the point of this lesson is that dividing these reference
databases into rigid and free data will give you the most long term flexibility and increase the overall
utility of usability for your database. This is just a starting point and later on I will describe all the
benefits of using this distinction as the primary division for your database structure.


I moved away to make a way.                     

As long as thine lungs filter oxygen from the air and the heart drawth blood, the dream will remain alive.

In the darkest night let your honor guide you; it's all you have. 

You will encounter defeats, but you must never be defeated. 

I am nothing and everything at the same time. 

I have been given the greatest gift; life. 

Humans are humans. Gods are gods. Humans cannot be gods. Gods are gods.

Can't stop. Won't stop. EVER.


Social Media

A well intentioned and exuberant party until malice prevailed.

Social Media

Whether the infection was caused by bacteria or vira can be debated.

Most natural systems repel and kill threatening invaders.

The owners feed, promote, and foster known harm.

This entire environment is then harvested and sold to other entities who use that data to sell you illusory cures for imaginary diseases.

Social Media

Dressing "sheer evil" in deflective garb leaves the true form unchanged.

Deception at this level is so profound and intricate; the foresight and attention to detail leaves much to be admired.

Cover the truth with amorphous layers and the miners engage in an unknowingly futile pursuit.

Social Media

Feeding a rampant and unregulated beast the intricacies of our nature will eventually lead to our collective demise.

A superior structure cannot be quelled by will. Bytes came after blood and evolution moves forward as time marches on.

Social Media

We do not affiliate. 


Artificial Intelligence

Where one road ends; another begins.


Artists and Industry 

All humans belong to the same species and are therefore equal pieces of a singular scientific group.

There is only one class of worker whose absence would negate the existence of the music industry; the artist.

Our pivotal roll does not make us better or worse than anyone else in the industry we work in; we are all humans and therefore equal. 

Artists are here to serve you and the music industry is here to help facilitate our services to you.

“Artist” is human. Gods are gods. Artists are not gods. Gods are gods.

The music industry, much like life in general, functions best when we all respect one another.


Artists and Drugs

We do not have an olympic committee to oversee drug use; we use death.

As our aided detachment from reality grows so widens our gaze deeply into the approaching eyes of death.

Escapism hinders our mutual pursuit of the truth.

If you must indulge, please indulge in the act of moderation as well.

A fire that grows in light also grows in danger. If the fire grows too large, our ability to see the light is lost forever.

Please remain clean. If you must play with fire, please remain moderate. If you cannot practice moderation, you’ll die very soon.

Please remain clean.